Digital Health and Rights: Reflections for Action


The Digital Health and Rights Project Consortium has been meeting regularly online since 2019, discussing and probing questions about human rights, the right to health, decoloniality, intersectionality, and how we can create new knowledge, new mobilization and forms of solidarity in the digital age. At this meeting, we will have an opportunity to delve into larger questions:

  • What are human rights in the context of digitization of health, and what are the roles of diverse duty-bearers to respect, protect, promote and fulfill these rights: states, citizens, private sector, and overseas development assistance?

  • In the effort to strengthen rights-based digital governance, what can we learn from ongoing efforts to ensure equitable access to medicines and health technologies, address human rights concerns about health data gathering (such as molecular HIV surveillance), engage young people living with and affected by HIV to know and advocate for their human rights, and ensure meaningful participation in global health governance by civil society and affected communities?

  • What can we learn from current and new research into digital health and human rights in low- and middle-income countries?

  • Given critiques of human rights from some decolonial and other advocates, what kind of human rights do we need in the digital future?


The workshop will be hybrid:

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