Visiting researchers presentation


9h30 : Reconnecting facts and values.

Upshur Ross – Professor – University of Toronto


9h50 : Ensuring Fair Access to Vaccines during an Influenza Pandemic

Eccleston-Turner Mark – Lecturer of Law – Birmingham City University


10h10 : Health Security and Global Public Health Emergencies

Herington Jonathan – Assistant Professor – Kansas State University


10h30 : Caring for the Elderly: An Ethical Framework for Health Care Decisions & Policies

Jecker Nancy – Professor – University of Washington, School of Medicine


10h50 : coffee break


11h10 : Bodies and Markets: Buying, Selling, and Sharing Human Milk

Lee Robyn – Postdoctoral Fellow – Brock University


11h30 : Biotech Conundrums: Taiwanese Desires adn Emerging BioForms of Living

Liu Jennifer – Assistant Professor – University of Waterloo


11h50 : Lobbying for the Unborn: Anti-Abortion Discourses and Abortion Governance in Post-communist Romania

Anton Lorena – PhD, Marie Curie Fellow/CSIII – University of Bucharest


12h10 : Disease, Disability and Decision-making: HIV and Unexplored Intersections Between Medicine and the Law in the Canadian Immigration System

Bisaillon Laura – Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Depts of Anthropology and Social Justice Education, University of Toronto


12h30 : Lunch


13h30 : Noncommunicable Diseases as a Global Health Emergency: the World Health Organization, Public Health Knowledge, and the Internationalization of Policy

Chaisson Kristen – PhD Student – University of Calgary


13h50 : One Health: Whose Health is it Anyway?

Lederman Zohar – MD, PhD candidate – Centre for Biomedical Ethics


14h10 : Documenting Mass Rape: The Emergence and Implications of Medical Evidence Collection Techniques in Settings of Armed Conflict and Mass Violence

Morse Jaimie – PhD Candidate – Northwestern University


14h30 : coffee break


14h50 : A New Medicalization of Poverty? Ethical and Policy Implications of Mental Health Services for the Poor in the United States

Mpondo-Dika Ekedi – PhD Candidate – Harvard University


15h10 : Beautiful Children: Medicine and The Future of Transgender Identity

Sadjadi Sahar – Assistant Professor – Amherst College


15h30 : The Cost of Sexual Violence and Its Transgenerational Impact in Conflict-Affected African Countries

Woldetsadik Mahlet Atakilt – Doctoral Fellow – Pardee RAND Graduate School

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