Visiting researchers presentation


9h30 : Morse Jaimie – PhD Candidate – Northwestern University
Documenting Mass Rape: The Emergence and Implications of Medical Evidence Collection Techniques in Settings of Armed Conflict and Mass Violence

9h50 : Anton Lorena – PhD, Marie Curie Fellow/CSIII – University of Bucharest

Lobbying for the Unborn: Anti-Abortion Discourses and Abortion Governance in Post-communist Romania

10h10 : Baar Monika – Associate Professor, Dr. – Leiden University
The History of Human Rights Discourses on Mental Health in a Global Context

10h30 : Coffee break

10h50 : Brown Kerri – Ph.D. Candidate – Southern Methodist University
Race, Citizenship, and the Pharmaceuticalization of Medicinal Plants in Brazil

11h10 : Davies Sarah – Marie Curie Research Fellow – University of Copenhagen
Hacking biology: DIY Bio and the hacker spirit

11h30 : Gleaves John – Associate Professor of Kinesiology – California State University Fullerton

The Sporting Prometheus: Narratives of Fear and Promise in Anti-Doping Policy Discourse

12h00 : Lunch

13h30 : KODAMA Satoshi – Associate Professor of Ethics – Kyoto University
Comparing end-of-life issues and regulations in Asian and Western countries

13h50 : Hulverscheidt Marion – Dr. med. research assistant – Kinderspital Zürich / Medical Humanities UZH
Clinical encounters with intersex children at the Kinderspital Zürich in the 1950ies and 1960ies – ethical derivative out of historical findings

14h10 : Timms Olinda – Research Associate – St Johns Research Institute, Bangalore
Permissive laws on Commercial Surrogacy in a Developing country like India will lead to Exploitation of Women

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