Visiting researchers presentation


  • 09h00 : Eating Right: Between obsession and ethics. Culture wars around orthorexia and veganism

Hanganu-Bresch Cristina – Assistant Professor – University of the Sciences, United States – Bioethics – Medical ethics


  • 09h20 : Human Research Ethics and the Declaration of Helsinki, 1964-2014

Schmidt Ulf – Professor of Modern History – University of Kent, United Kingdom – History of Medecine


  • 09h40 :  : Overtreatment as a Crucial Ethical Issue; Exploring its Roots, Circumstances, and Outcomes in the Context of Dentistry

Kazemian Ali – Dr. DDS. PhD. Assistant Professor – Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Islamic Republic Of) – Bioethics – Medical ethics


  • 10h00 : Accountable citizens fostering accountable governance via connectivity: the case of environmental health policies

Berti Suman Anna – Ms.; PhD Candidate –  Tilburg University, Netherlands – Law


  • 10h20 : Organ Transplants and Buddhist Approaches to Death

Voyce Malcolm – associate professor – macquarie university, Australia – Law


  • 10h40 : Coffee break


  • ​11h00 : Gamete donation in the UK and France: a comparative study

Doumergue Marjolaine – Dr, ATER – Département de Psychologie Sociale, Université Lyon 2, France – Psychology


  • 11h20 : Variants of uncertain significance and incidental findings: Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experiences and social & ethical dilemmas in the context of new genetic technologies

El Mecky Julia – PhD – University Medical Centre Groningen (NL) & University of Southampton (UK) – Anthropology


  • 11h40 : Responsible innovation with autologous adult stem cells: a global perspective

Hendl Tereza – Dr, Postdoctoral Research Fellow – The Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, Australia – Bioethics – Medical ethics


  • 12h00 : Addressing host countries and communities fairly in international health research

Holzer Felicitas Sofia – Phd student – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina – Bioethics – Medical ethics


  • 12h20 : Lunch

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