Bioethics: universities and degrees

In order to improve the understanding of the issues and challenges of bioethics, several universities are setting up study programmes around this theme. These degree programmes exist in France, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others.

Scientific Activities

University diploma in bioethics at the University of Poitiers

The University of Poitiers is renowned for the quality of its teaching in the medical field, and it is only logical that it should offer a diploma course in bioethics applied to clinical research, the end of life and procreation.

This programme invites students to push back the limits of ethical reflection, taking into account the evolution of culture and thought in today’s society and the advances of science. Bioethics training is primarily intended for health professionals, legal professionals and members of the health administration with a diploma in practice.


Master of Bioethics at Trinity International University

This programme is open to students aiming for a career in education, law, science and care. Flexible and open to all, this 30-hour per week course allows participants to study, analyse and explore a range of disciplines that relate to the general principles of bioethics.



iEH2 Geneva Bioethics Programme

Neuroscientists, physicians, philosophers and biologists can enrol in the bioethics programme of the Institute of Ethics, History and Humanities of the University of Geneva. All courses are designed to broaden the students’ field of vision and help them to fully appreciate the moral issues at stake in medical practices and scientific research.


Scientific Activities

Renowned university courses on bioethics

Several university programmes train the theoreticians and stakeholders of tomorrow’s bioethics debates. Here are some of them:

– Master’s degree in medical ethics and bioethics from the Université Paris Cité (5-year degree);

– Graduate diploma in Bioethics from the University of Montreal;

– Doctorate in Bioethics at the University of Montreal;

– Masters in Bioethics and Medical Law at St Mary’s University Twickenham, London.





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