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Bioethical issues related to scientific and medical progress concern everyone, especially future generations. However, these complex subjects require a minimum of understanding, which is a prerequisite for sensible, informed discussions that are free from emotional, historical or religious bias.

For these reasons, there are hardly any online forums where the average citizen can express his or her views on a bioethics-related topic. Instead, scientists, politicians and intellectuals from all walks of life regularly organise conferences and meetings to discuss the bioethical challenges posed by the latest developments in biomedicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology, among others.

Scientific Activities

The European Bioethics Forum or EBF

The EBF is an international event initiated by Professor Israel Nisand in order to deepen bioethical reflection and at the same time make it accessible to the general public, especially to young people. Known as the Strasbourg Bioethics Conference, this event is held every year in the capital of the Far-East region.

Politicians, philosophers, literary figures, scientists and ordinary citizens take part in the debates. This year, the Strasbourg bioethics forum focused on children’s issues, including sexuality, social networks, incest, disability and vaccination, among others. The next European Bioethics Forum will take place in Strasbourg in January 2023.


The Hastings Center online forum

The Hastings Center conducts independent advanced bioethics research from its headquarters in Garrison, New York. The non-profit organisation also offers doctoral students, researchers and students the opportunity to post their thoughts and analyses on a bioethical topic in a dedicated online forum. Almost all the essays received by the organisation are published at this address.





Scientific Activities


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