the Value-sensitive use of drone


The number of individuals infected by COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) already surpassing SARS and MERS. As of February 22, according to worldometer, 78,635 cases of COVID-19 have been reported. Among the infected individuals 2,459 died. Given the severity, the speed of its transmission and spread across continents, and the fact that there is no known treatment, it is critical to implement strategies to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission, and to ensure timely and effective management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play an important role in different ways including in prevention and management of COVID-19. International workshop. Informed by results of the public awareness and anxiety, during a two-day workshop with international experts, we will identify best strategies to: increase awareness about prevention and management using AI, reduce public anxiety, and mitigate transmission risk of COVID-19 globally.

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