Présentation des chercheuses et chercheurs | 6 avril 2023

Tuesday, April 06, 2023


09h00: welcome and introduction


09h05:  Cerovac Ivan, University of Rijeka, Doctor of philosophy, Postdoctoral researcher, Political Science

  • John Stuart Mill and Contagious Diseases Acts


09h25:  Clark Jocalyn, The Lancet / University of Toronto, Executive Editor / Adjunct Professor, Global | 

             Public Health 

  • Social and ethical dimensions of pandemic publishing: Challenges and responsibilities from the front-line


09h45: Delille Emmanuel, Centre Marc Bloch, Humboldt University, Dr (PhD), History of Medicine

  • Psychiatric Epidemiology in Historical Perspectives


10h05:  Norman Wendy V, University of British Columbia, Professor and Chair, Family Planning Research, 

             Medicine gynecology (& Mazza Danielle, Monash University, Professor and Head of Department of 

             General Practice, Medicine Gynecology)

  • Policy and system approaches to reach structurally disadvantaged populations: A focus on equitable access to contraception and abortion through primary care


10h25:  O’Donovan Orla,University College Cork, Dr. / College Lecturer, Sociology

  • OutCasts: Troubling Matter in the University Bioarchive


10h45:  Power Carl, Centenary Institute, Editorial Research Officer, History of Medicine & Rasko John, 

             Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Director, Department of Cell and Molecular Therapies, Medicine

  • Bleeding Out: The Curse and Cure of Haemophilia


11h05:  Schmaling Karen, Washington State University, Professor, Psychology & Kaplan Robert, Stanford

             University, Professor, Medicine

  • Rethinking Clinical Research:  Methodology and Ethics
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