Researchers Presentation | 6 July 2023

Thursday, July 06, 2023

09h00: welcome and introduction

09h05:  Clark Brietta, Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University, Professor, Law

Fuse Brown Erin, Georgia State University College of Law, Associate Professor, Law

Gatter Robert, Saint Louis University School of Law, Professor, Law

Mc Cuskey Elizabeth, University of Massachusetts School of Law Professor, Law

Pendo Elizabeth, St. Louis University School of Law, Joseph J. Simeone Professor of Law, 

  • Reconceptualizing Health Law Toward Health Equity

09h25:  Harris Shana, University of Central Florida, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

  • The Politics, Ethics, and Experiences of Cross-Border Medical Travel and Addiction Care in Mexico

09h45:  Hertz Rosanna, Wellesley College, Class of 1919 Reunion Professor, Sociology,

  • Reproductive Futures As Women Age: Advanced Maternal Age, Emerging Reproductive Technologies and Health Concerns

10h05: Kaldijian Lauris, University of Iowa (Carver College of Medicine), Professor of Medicine, and Director 

            of the Program in Bioethics and Humanities, Bioethics – Medical ethics

  • Changing Goals and Competing Concepts of Health in the Practice of Medicine: How Enhancement (Neuro)Technologies Challenge Shared Decision Making in the Pursuit of Health and Wellbeing

10h25: Lavoie Kévin, University of Montreal, Doctorant / PhD candidate, Sociology

  • Their child, her pregnancy: towards a relational approach to surrogacy

Coffee break 10h25 – 10h45

10h45: Li Xiaojie, Department of history of science,Harvard University, Post-Doc, Bioethics – 

           Medical ethics

  • Evaluating ethical issues related to coronavirus:lessons from China

11h05: Pieri Elisa, The University of Manchester, Lecturer, Sociology

  • COVID-2019: Ethical and Social Impacts of outbreak preparedness and response

11h25: Zhang Haihong, Peking University, Coordinator of PU HRPP, Bioethics – Medical ethics

  • Beyond IRB: Revisit Ethical Review and an Institutional Ethical Governance Proposal in Chinese Context

11h45 – End of presentations

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