Endometriosis among transgender and gender diverse people

Introduction :

A multidisciplinary approach to endometriosis among transgender and gender diverse community. 


 “TRANSforming endometriosis research” aims to re-centre TGD people in endometriosis research and give voice to patients’ stories regarding this chronic condition as an intersectional experience. One of the main goals of the project is to make health research more inclusive by appreciating diversity and intersectionality among our target group.

 Granting accessibility to health care to marginalized groups is crucial to our research group who is dedicated to the development of competent and accessible health research and health care.

 More specifically, the research projects goals are to:

 – Investigate the ethical, legal and social implications of endometriosis and the newly developed endometriosis diagnostics and treatments;

 – Promote a multidisciplinary approach in endometriosis research and, thus, in endometriosis care;

 – Identify literature gaps in endometriosis research for this specific community;

 – Recognize and validate health needs of transgender and gender diverse people living with endometriosis;

 – Point out weak and strong points in the current health systems and health policy space regarding endometriosis among TGD individuals;

 – Make suggestions for TGD-competent targeted interventions and narrow health disparities that disproportionately affect this social group;

 – Stimulate a transnational and cross-cultural knowledge exchange among junior and senior researchers in the field of endometriosis care and TGD health.


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