Workshop: Between privacy and efficiency: the future for the health-data processing in Switzerland. A Delphi-based workshop.

Introduction :

Main purpose: Digitalisation and “datafication” are both a great challenge and a great opportunity for healthcare and biomedical research all over the world, as the current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted. In this respect, every country faces – with some common traits, but also with its own societal peculiarities – the issue of how to solve the riddle of protecting privacy and at the same time favour a beneficial and fair use of health data. Switzerland – with its many digital-health initiatives, e.g.  EPD, SPHN, the law on cancer registration – makes no exception to this.


Approach and methodology: Following a modified Delphi-methodology, the workshop will entail several discussion rounds (“round tables”) with the final objective of reaching consensus or eliciting alternatives around the different topics discussed. The workshop will be preceded by a questionnaire whose answers will be used as a basis for discussion in the round tables.

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